Check It Out!

The Reading Eagle printed an article on the candidates for Oley Valley School Board. Take a look! We have four seats available this year. I hope to earn one of your votes on May 18th! From the article: “Background: I am a central Pennsylvania native. Married to my husband of 10 years, a ReadingContinue reading “Check It Out!”

Thank-You, Teachers!

It is Teacher Appreciation Week! Make sure to thank the teachers in your child’s life. They have worked tirelessly to teach and support our youth, especially during the unique circumstances surrounding the past year. This Teacher Appreciation Week I am grateful for our teachers who went above and beyond to show students that they care.Continue reading “Thank-You, Teachers!”

Meet Alison

A Central PA native, Alison has a PsyD from Marywood University. Her husband of 10 years is an oncologist at Reading Hospital and she has three young children. As a parent and psychologist, Alison is both familiar with and uniquely qualified to join the conversation surrounding our children and decision-making about their educational experience. SheContinue reading “Meet Alison”