Check It Out!

The Reading Eagle printed an article on the candidates for Oley Valley School Board. Take a look!

We have four seats available this year. I hope to earn one of your votes on May 18th!

From the article:

“Background: I am a central Pennsylvania native. Married to my husband of 10 years, a Reading Hospital oncologist, we have three children. I earned my doctorate from Marywood University. As a psychologist, I have extensive experience assessing and treating both children and adults and working as part of a multidisciplinary team.

Website: and

Response 1: Our community deserves an accessible and transparent school board devoted to cultivating quality public school education while protecting taxpayers. School board members should speak to the needs of our diverse family and student population and create opportunities for all students to thrive. I am ready to listen and reflect the needs of our community. As a parent and psychologist, I am both familiar with and uniquely qualified to join the conversation surrounding our children and decision-making about their educational experience. I recognize the diverse needs of our students and support the many routes to and measures of success. While I value programming, I am also fiscally responsible and will advocate for careful spending without sacrificing the quality of resources available to our students. Finally, I plan to continue to encourage community involvement and input by making meetings more accessible and information and updates consistently available to all.

Response 2: In speaking with voters, it is clear that Oley Valley residents care deeply for our students, schools and community. As 2020 sparked an even greater interest in and attention to local government, the community spoke openly about our district’s strengths and areas for improvement. Some of the themes in this discussion were: the perception that the board was not hearing the experience of all families; desire for improved accessibility to board discussions and accurate information; and the need for greater time and resources for all families to make relevant decisions and acquire necessary supports when circumstances and plans change. As a parent, I absolutely recognize these needs and will forge ahead with practical solutions that speak to the needs of all students and families. In an effort to foster community involvement and ensure that accurate information reaches community members, I have requested that meetings be both live-streamed and recorded.”

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