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Signs & More Signs

Yard Signs are ready and starting to pop up around town 💙 If you contacted me about a sign, I will get one in your yard as soon as possible. If you want my littlest, adorable campaign assistant (seriously, isn’t he the best?!) and I to place a sign in your yard, please send me…

Thank-You, Teachers!

It is Teacher Appreciation Week! Make sure to thank the teachers in your child’s life. They have worked tirelessly to teach and support our youth, especially during the unique circumstances surrounding the past year. This Teacher Appreciation Week I am grateful for our teachers who went above and beyond to show students that they care.…


This visual is from the 2021 State of Education Report and highlights the areas in which survey respondents anticipate challenges in the upcoming school year. (Please visit psba.org for more information).

As an OVSD resident, how would you have responded?

I recognize that we will face challenges to both budgeting and staffing (particularly when it comes to substitute teachers). This is just one of the reasons that fair salaries and treatment of teachers and staff, smart budgeting and utilization of federal funding, and school finance reform remain vital.

Should contact tracing remain relevant in the Fall, we must also take care to avoid academic regression by planning ahead for resources and instruction for our students who may be quarantined and/or ill. Additionally, federal funds may be devoted to addressing existing academic regression. Care should be taken to identify students in need and provide relevant resources (reading support, summer programs, etc.) to accelerate learning.